Our Mission

To make life easier for you by doing our job right

Who we are

A skilled team of experts dedicated to keeping our clients happy

Here at BigBangThemes we pride ourselves on creating features that are intuitive to understand and extremely easy to implement. We think that the most important step in a buyer’s satisfaction is to make things as simple as possible to understand, because let’s face it, the majority of our clients don’t have coding knowledge, and that shouldn’t be held against them!

Support also plays a huge part in our job. Providing a very easy to use product is not enough, because our clients will still need a bit of guidance every now and then. That’s why support plays such an important role in customer satisfaction, and we always do our best to go above and beyond in order to make sure our clients are satisfied and get time-efective solutions to their problems. We’re here even for those of you needing custom solutions, so if you need our theme to have a custom functionality, don’t worry about it, we have you covered!

Our Core Values

  • SEO

    Search engine optimization is one of the biggest elements we manage in our WordPress themes, and since not every client will need the same structure, each theme is modular and setting up the perfect SEO environment is easy.

  • Branding & Identity

    We know how important branding is for our clients, that's why changing colors, logos and styles is extremely easy with our WordPress themes. Make changes with ease to get the perfect match for your site.

  • Clean, Compliant code

    All BigBangThemes products are coded according to the latest coding standards. Email Templates are compatible with all major email clients, while our WordPress themes are checked to make sure they pass the w3c validator latest rules.

  • Speed Optimization

    Loading speed is one of the biggest factors in the latest Google algorithms, so in order to have a high Google ranking you'll need a fast website. If the theme you choose is not optimized, your website will stand no chance of a great ranking.

  • Customizability

    We always go above and beyond to make sure that the BigBangThemes products are as customizable as possible, so you should expect complete freedom in building layouts using our Email Template Builder or Wordpress Themes.

  • Amazing Support 24/7

    The most valued metric in our company is customer satisfaction, and for us it's extremely important that you're not only satisfied with the BigBangThemes products, but that you truly enjoy them. Contact us immediately when you have a question and we'll be here to help.


All BigBangThemes Projects follow the same exact workflow. That's how we guarantee the same top standards across all products and services we offer.


Every product we release follows the same steps. This is how we can guarantee the same value across our items. The first step in the life cycle of a product is planning. This is when our team brainstorms ideas and comes up with a concept.


The next step is design. This is when our products catch life, and our team of extremely talented designers work together to create a highly efficient product design. Our goal is that the product not only looks good, but that it's also highly functional and can easily be used for a range of client needs.


As soon as the design is done, our Developers start working on it. This is when we must ensure that everything is as easy as possible for our clients to customize, and that every feature we include is thoroughly documented.

Code Compliance

One of the most important things our developers keep track of is that the code follows the latest standards in the industry

Review & Testing

As soon as a product is ready, our QA team comes in. Each product goes through a thorough process of testing, and whatever bugs are found are reported back to the development team where they're fixed before the product is ready for launch.

Product Release

The product release is a moment that we're looking forward to for a few months usually, so everything needs to go perfect. Our Marketing team is on hand to promote the item, and everybody else is ready to address whatever issues appear. It's an "all hands on deck" moment for the BigBangThemes team.

Superb Support

Our products are backed up by amazing support. We know that our clients are counting on us!

Product Updates

Our work never stops across the full lifetime of a product. We keep upgrading and updating our work continuously.


Success is never random, without team work, a meticulous approach and excellent customer care we couldn't maintain such high standards for our projects.

The Team Behind the Scenes

  • Andrei

    CEO & Co-founder
    Andrei is the brain behind our development and success. He has been developing websites and improving the way you interact with emails for over 7 years and his passion for customer satisfaction is tireless.
  • Alexandra

    Graphic Designer & Co-founder
    Alexandra's input as far as design goes is priceless and her love for pixel perfect designs is inspiring. She comes up with awesome designs and creatives, keeping our online presence looking fresh and professional.
  • Onu

    Web Developer & Support
    Onu is one of our most valuable friends and dedicated team members who has been with us from our humble beginings. He simply rocks email coding and client support and his work drive is absolutely amazing.
  • Colleen

    Graphic Designer
    Colleen is a master at crafting gorgeous looking emails, websites and branding materials. Her crisp looking designs are like a breath of fresh air and they help our business stand out from the crowd, just like her great personality.
  • Alex

    Senior Developer
    Alex is pretty much a Jack of all Trades. With a solid background in programming, he excells in Wordpress and PHP skills. He is a professional who enjoys coming up with innovative solutions and his expertise is vital for our company.
  • Artem

    Senior Developer
    Artem shines at converting PSD templates to HTML in no time. He is the guru of HTML conversion and he packs some mindblowing Java script skills. His work is both fast and reliable and his dedication is the key to success.
  • Dorin

    Junior Developer
    Dorin is youngest in our team, but his determination and skills will soon help him become one of the best email developers out there. His dedication and professionalism are incredible, just like his will to learn and perfect his strong coding skills.
  • David

    Graphic Designer
    David is a successful graphic designer who knows that even with passion and talent, design is a labour of love. He is open minded, well-versed in a plethora of desktop publishing software and embodies a variety of artistic skills and abilities.
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