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  • How does the TicketLab support ticket system work?

    This is a question we've received in several different formats from clients wanting to know if the theme is a complete system or needs any sort of

  • Does TicketLab require Zendesk or other paid services?

    Ticketlab is a 100% end-2-end WordPress ticketing theme. In order to successfully install activate and run the theme on your domain you don't need anything except for

  • How to add more social links to Ticketlab?

    In this article we're going to show you how to add more social links of your choice to TicketLab's header. In the Header.php file of your Ticketlab theme please find

  • TicketLab – Setting up the Client and Agent Dashboards

    The client and agent dashboards are easily to set-up and only require a couple of steps. First you need to create two new pages, and then for each of the pages you need

  • How does the Zendesk integration work?

    Ticketlab comes with a really great feature which allows existing or future Zendesk clients to sync their website-based tickets with Zendesk. This comes as a really

  • How to register a product key

    Registering your new WordPress theme with your domain. Why and How. Let's start with the Why. First of all it's very important for you to be kept in sync with the

  • How to install the BBT Demo Content

    This tutorial will explain how to install the demo content of your theme. In case you're looking for a more thorough step by step tutorial on everything you need to do

  • Visual Composer

    Unfortunatelly this is a third party plugin and we can not offer support for issues strictly related to it. We can guide you to their website where there is a

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