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  • Why do I get a “Required Plugins” notice

    There are some plugins that needs to be installed in order for the theme to work properly. You will receive a notice on Dashbord about this plugins and you'll need to

  • How to install your WordPress theme via FTP

    Another option to install the theme is to upload it via FTP. For this method first log into your site via FTP and browse to your folder located at wp-content/themes.

  • BigBangThemes – Installing, activating and importing content for your new WordPress Theme

    In this video tutorial you're going to learn all about installing and activating your theme, and you'll also learn how to go through the demo importer to import your

  • How to install WordPress

    Here's the quick version of the instructions for those who are already comfortable with performing such installations. Follow this to find more detailed

  • Page Templates

    The page templates are predefined pages that you can use on your theme. Depending on the theme you've bought, the number of templates and layouts possible with each

  • Post/Page Meta Options

    With BigBangThemes, all of our themes have several options available for "Post", "Page", or any different custom post type that the theme you've bought might have. These

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