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  • How to register a product key

    Registering your new WordPress theme with your domain. Why and How. Let's start with the Why. First of all it's very important for you to be kept in sync with the

  • VSDOCS – Testimonials Shortcode Explained

    The testimonial shortcode allows you to present messages and feedback left from your clients in two formats. All you need to do is to select the format you like and

  • VSDOCS – Knowledge base cats shortcode explained

    The knowledge base cats shortcode allows you to create a section of your website completely made of your knowledge base categories and its posts.   The

  • VSDOCS – Faq Shortcode Explained

    Our extended shortcode allows you to present frequently asked questions in 3 different formats. First format allows you to create a filter from your questions and

  • VSDOCS-Tables Shortcode Explained

    The tables shortcode allows users to present different data in a tabel format. Proceed to edit the table headers.You can add as many as you want.See the screenshot 

  • The BBT Category Builder

    The BBT Category builder is a feature we've just released, which will allow you to create different styles for your categories, and truly customize your blog to

  • VSDocs File Hierarchy Shortcode Explained

    The first step in creating a File Hierarchy type shortcode is going in and creating a menu which will define the file hierarchy. To do this, you need to navigate to

  • VSDocs Books Post Meta Options explained

    The books post Meta Options can be found on the bottom of any book post (Book Options area). If you have no posts under the Books Custom Post Type go to Books -> Add

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