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  • Where can I find my purchase code?

    Purchase codes and purchases are strictly Envato territory. They're the marketplace that handles all sales & sale-related business. In order to access the

  • My Email Gets Clipped

    This usually happens because the size of the email created exceeds 110 kb. Try to keep the size of your email template file within this limit. Every decent template

  • Email best practices

    Make sure your images are sized correctly to avoid squishing or stretching. In the BigBangThemes builder image editor we provide you with a recommended size. Image

  • Where can I upload my images?

    Unfortunately uploading images from personal pc’s directly to our email builder is beyond the scope of our web application. Trying to host images for thousands of

  • How to edit the buttons

    Hover the mouse over a button and click on the pencil icon to edit it. On the left side, a panel will appear with all available options. We'll explain some of the most

  • How to use the Icon Generator

    Hover over an image and click on the small pencil that will appear. In the next step, you should click on the icon picker button and a new window will open with

  • How to modify the image size, link, title & alt tags

    These options can be found in the Image Editor. Mouse over an image and click on the small pencil that will appear and a new window will open where the image size, link,

  • How to change an image

    To change an image hover over it and a small pencil will appear near it. Click it and a window with 2 options will appear: 1. An icon picker button which leads you to

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