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  • Email Template Builder – Token Not Valid

    Since the V4.0.0 update of our email template builder, now the export doesn't work with the Envato Market purchase codes anymore, it works through tokens. Here's what

  • Is the builder included with the download file?

    The builder is not included within the download file. It can only be accessed online while you are creating the email template as a web application. The purchase

  • Understanding the builder abilities and limitations

    Building emails can be fairly complicated at times, and different email clients have different requirements that need to be attended to. This being said, we needed

  • Why can’t I add two buttons next to each other

    Unfortunately building emails is sensitive, and creating a structure where you would just use the builder to add two buttons next to each other when duplicating them

  • Where can I access the builder?

    You can acces the builder directly from the Live Preview on Themeforest. There is no separate link you need to access in order to build & export your layout.

  • Importing to CampaignMonitor

    After you finished creating the template you have the option to export it for CampaingMonitor. Use the file downloaded from our builder to upload into CampaignMonitor

  • Importing to Mailchimp

    After you create your template you have the option to export it for Mailchimp. If you're a Mailchimp client and would like to send your email using their platform,

  • I need a custom solution!

    If you want to create something that's not possible using the builder, don't worry. We can help you with a custom job. Just tell us what you want to create and if

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