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How does the Zendesk integration work?

Ticketlab comes with a really great feature which allows existing or future Zendesk clients to sync their website-based tickets with Zendesk. This comes as a really useful features for both types of clients – those who are already using Zendesk as well as those who are not using it yet.

Basically our wordpress ticket system allows you to have a complete sync between e-mail, Zendesk and your BBpress-based Tickets. When an agent or client replies to a support ticket, both ends of the synchronization will be updated instantly with the new info.

What are my benefits as a Zendesk client?

The biggest benefit as a Zendesk client is the fact that you’ll be able to cut down on costs by making your tickets public on your own site. You’ll be able to benefit from this in different ways:

  • first of all your clients will be able to search existing tickets for similar issues encountered by others;
  • your clients will be able to help each other out (you’ll be surprised how often this happens)
  • you will have a much clearer view of how many tickets actually target the same problems
  • you’ll easily be able to create Github or Trello issues directly from your website so that developers can fix the bugs clients encounter

What are my benefits as a TicketLab client?

At this moment there isn’t a clear interface of tickets within TicketLab, at least not one as good as Zendesk’s (we are currently working on a great solution for this). Your agents will be able to have a very clear view of what tickets they need to reply to, and which tickets are already answered to.

How to set it up?

The set up is actually extremely easy. All you need to do is install the Zendesk Plugin that comes with Ticketlab. Next, navigate to BigBangThemes -> Zendesk Settings as shown below.

Zendesk Settings

Then you’ll need to know 3 different values from the Zendesk account you want to make the sync with.

Zendesk Integration
1. The subdomain. This is easy, your zendesk link is something like For us it’s, so our subdomain name is bigbangthemes
2. The username. This would be the username for which the subdomain account has been created.
3. Api key. This is a key that you’ll need to generate within your Zendesk backend application. Head over to “Admin” (the cog on the left) and under Channels find “API”. Click the Plus sign to generate a new API key and insert that in your website’s Zendesk integration window (shown above)

Generate a new API key

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