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Where can I upload my images?

Unfortunately uploading images from personal pc’s directly to our email builder is beyond the scope of our web application. Trying to host images for thousands of clients who use our service would be  a task too hard for our servers to handle, especially since images need specific security patterns and this would bring a whole different series of issues for our app to deal with.

How should I upload images to the BigBangThemes builder?

The answer to that question is simple. You are supposed to simply upload your images to a live server of your choice, and then use the image link within our app. You can put your link right here:

Upload Image to the BigBangThemes Builder

We advise you to use a personal server for this, but if you don’t have one, then you can as easily use any online website that hosts images, like facebook, twitter, flickr, instagram and the list can go on.

Additionally, if you plan on using Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, you can build your layout ignoring our images, export it, and then you’ll be able to use those services to replace the images with your desired ones.

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