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VSDocs Theme Options Panel Explained

VSDocs Theme Options Pannel Explained

Every BigBangThemes theme comes fully loaded with its own custom theme options. This is where you can control things like your logo, navigation settings, and so much more depending on the type of theme you chose to buy.

These options can be accessed in Dashboard BigBangThemes tab.


General Options

Uploading an image here will add a favicon image to represent your site in browser address bars and bookmark menus. There are multiple options for the favicon depending on the device it will be viewed on.


  • add the logo as text;
  • upload your own logo file to appear in the header of every page of your website on a light background;
  • upload your own logo file to appear in the header of every page of your website on a dark background;
  • set the width and height of the logo image;
  • set the link of the logo (default is the homepage)
  • A Check-box for an animated logo (spins your logo on a loop)
  • upload an image file to appear in the footer of every page of your website.


Header Options
Header Type

  • set the type of the header nav to Center or Left Aligned/Right Aligned.

Header Text

  • There are 2 options to add text in the header

Notification Shortcode

Header Background Shortcode


Social Options

Set the links for all social networks.


Footer Options
Copyright message

  • set the copyright message that will appear in the page footers

Footer Slogan
Theme Version

  • Insert shortcode from Shortcoder -> Theme Specific -> Version


Site Colors Options
Background Color

  • set a background color for the website

Background Image

  • add the url of an image to be used as a background image for the website

Primary Site Color

  • set the main background color of the website

Header Bar Color

  • set the color of the header bar

Footer Color

  • set the color of the footer


Additional Options
404 Page Image

  • Add an image that will be used on the 404 page

Title for 404 page

  • Set the title that will appear on the 404 page

Message for 404 Page

  • Set a message for the 404 page

Layout mode

  • Set the layout of the 404 page: Boxed or Fullwidth


  • Set the Sidebar of the 404 page: No sidebar, Left sidebar or Right sidebar

Knowledgebase Category Display View

  • Set the way the Category page of the Knowledgebase will be displayed
  • Screenshot_239Screenshot_240


Custom Code Options

  • In this section you have three tabs where custom code can be added to customize the theme.

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