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Understanding the builder abilities and limitations

Building emails can be fairly complicated at times, and different email clients have different requirements that need our attention.

This being said, we needed to make sure that during the process of building your own template using our email builder, the safety of your email’s compliance across all clients won’t be affected, so it’s easy to understand why the email builder might seem like it has a few limitations.

Some of the limitations that come with the builder are:
– Dragging & dropping parts of the section (only a half, or a third of a section);
– Interchanging parts of a module (moving the image and placing it instead of a text in a different module);
– Adding two buttons side by side;
– Importing images from local drives;
– Dragging & dropping a button in a certain location within a section / within a half-section;
– Changing the ovrall width of the template.

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