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Save / Load

Save / Load

On the Save/Load tab you can save the changes made or load a new template.

There are two ways to save your layouts:

Work Offline Mode

If you choose the work offline mode when you’ll save the template you’ll receive a unique code. Save that code so you can load the layout later.

Work Offline Mode

Login using Facebook/Twitter

After you’ve logged in save the changes made by simply inserting a name of the template and hit the ‘Save’ button. A loading bar will appear to show the progress.

Login using Facebook/TwitterLogin using Facebook/Twitter

Previous saved templates cannot be overwritten.
To load a previously saved template click on ‘Load’ button from the main menu, which will open your saved templates. If you click on “View” button you will find there an option to either load the template or to delete it.

Load/View this template

Load/Delete this template

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