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How to register a product key

Registering your new WordPress theme with your domain. Why and How.

Let’s start with the Why. First of all it’s very important for you to be kept in sync with the latest product updates. Web security is an extremely important element in our days, and you definitely shouldn’t ignore it. You might think you have nothing to lose, but if a hacker gets access to your domain you could be in loads of problems, and he can do things in your behalf that are extremely dangerous (and not necessarily limited to the internet).

That’s why custom product updates are extremely vital. WordPress themes and plugins need to be keep at the latest version permanently, otherwise you might be under threat.

Registering your product guarantees automatic updates. And this is an extremely easy process so it should be the first thing you do when you install your theme.

1. The first step – Click the “Sign in with Envato” button:

Sign in with Envato

2. Offer permissions so we can verify and confirm your purchase:

BigBangThemes Product Register

3. Insert your domain URL in the field next to the theme you’ve bought. You can use 2 url’s in case one of them is a localhost:

Insert your domain URL

4. Copy the product key in your WordPress dasbhboard:

Activate Key

And you’re done!

Now you will be notified when new updates are released for your theme and you can update using one click only!

You can always change your domain name

Not sure if this is the domain you’re going to use six months from now? No worries – you can always go back through the process and generate another code for your new domain.

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