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Importing to Mailchimp

Importing to Mailchimp

After you create your template you have the option to export it for Mailchimp.

If you’re a Mailchimp client and would like to send your email template using their platform, you’ll need to use that export option in order to get a Mailchimp-compliant HTML file. In this case you’ll be granted 2 solutions for sending your template to Mailchimp. A direct API export, and downloading and then importing to Mailchimp manually.

Using the Mailchimp API to export.

You can use a Mailchimp-generated API key to export the layout directly from our builder to your Mailchimp account. All you need to do is:

  1. Fill in the API key field one;
  2. Fill the template name one;
  3. Hit the “EXPORT” button.

Using the Mailchimp API to export

Now you’re all set.

If you would like to use this option and you’re not sure what an API key is, the guys from Mailchimp were kind to create a great post to cover this topic: About API Keys

Manual Mailchimp code import.

After downloading the appropriate version of the file, you need to go to Mailchimp and import, and since they know their service better than us, here’s a great post where they cover everything you need to know about importing: How to import a custom html template.

We recommend the “Paste in HTML” solution.

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