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How to edit the buttons

Hover the mouse over a button and click on the pencil icon to edit it. On the left side a panel will appear with all the available options:

  • Button Text: this lets you modify the text of the button;
  • Insert Link: this second option lets you add a link to the button;
  • Target: here you can choose if the link will be opened in a new window, a new tab or in the same one;
  • in the ‘Button Colors’ section you’ll be able to change the color of the text, the background or the border for that button. Click on any of these and a color picker will appear.
  • in the ‘Button Size’ section there are four sliders that can help you change the width and the height, the button radius (if you want the button to have round corners) and the border width ( for the buttons that have borders).

To apply the changes click on the ‘Save’ button.

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