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How does the TicketLab support ticket system work?

This is a question we’ve received in several different formats from clients wanting to know if the theme is a complete system or needs any sort of add-ons/plugins/subscriptions.

In short – TicketLab is an end-2-end wordpress help desk and ticketing system. It does not need any extra plugins or addons other than what comes included for free in the package. Here are a couple of different questions we’d like to address:

1. Do you need a Zendesk subscription to use the theme?

Absolutely NOT . For more info about this click here.

2. Is this theme built on BBPress?

There isn’t a short answer to this question unfortunately. This theme uses some of the BBPress functionality to make everything run smoothly, but it’s a much improved system that you won’t be able to replicate by using any other theme + BBPress. So while we don’t absolutely need the plugin to use TicketLab, we strongly recommend that you do, just because it adds that much more function to the theme. There was no point for us here at BigBangThemes to reinvent the wheel in this case so we just went ahead and used what’s good from the core of the BBPress plugin, and built around it to add more functionality.

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