How discipline can keep you sane when working remotely

It is easy to understand why for many people out there, working from home or as a location independent nomad is the ultimate dream. Exotic travel to faraway lands, skipping the daily traffic grind, being able to get paid to work in your underwear, or just being able to get your own snacks from the fridge without Nancy from accounting judging your eating


Essential steps for monetizing your website

If the content is king, what is monetizing for your website? Much too easily dismissed as trust and experience damaging, yet so common on all successful blog, this controversial process is more and more a ‘must.’ Making money from your website while mixing your passion for blogging with the skills of an online marketer is no longer an unachievable goal.

client support alternatives to Zendesk

The best client support alternative to Zendesk

Zendesk has become without a doubt one of the best client support service providers available online. With prices easily scalable to the size of your team, it definitely provides a good option for businesses who are looking to better their client support efforts. That being said, however, there are client support alternatives to Zendesk that you can use

avoid spam filters

How to avoid Email spam filters

Spam filters are the modern resolution for fighting spam deliveries. Whether you do email marketing or you're receiving a lot of promotional offers, you will most likely run into spam filter issues. Although there are several legal acts that you should be aware of first, we're gonna present you with the best online tips to avoid spam filters when getting

WordPress support system

How to build a WordPress Support System

Client support has long been one of the most important elements of e-commerce. After decades of perfecting the craft, some of the most successful e-commerce businesses have one single strong point at their core. Top notch client support. Obviously, the concept of an e-commerce business has grown beyond just selling clothes in the last decade, and has


How to build a great photography blog

Photography is a very common hobby.Whether you are a professional photographer or just enjoy capturing beautiful landscapes and moments, there is always this question rising: How do we showcase our photos to other online readers or to our friends abroad? You can choose a portfolio approach and present your photos or you can style a beautiful blog to


How BigBangThemes uses Hubstaff to keep a remote team tight

Growing a good company culture in a remote team that’s spread across more than 5 countries and 2 continents is hard! Here at BigBangThemes, we can’t accept anything less than perfect when it comes to the quality of our products. This is why finding the right candidate for a job position can sometimes be a tough, perhaps even daunting task. Tie that


How to create a Successful Health Blog

Why health might be a perfect business opportunity. We live in an era driven by speed, change, and evolution so we need to keep up with the fast pace when it comes to health-related information too. Health has been our number one concern from the beginning of time and today it is has become even more important, considering that due to the social and

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