What to look for in a really great Drag and Drop Email Template Builder.

Sending an email campaign with great design and relevant content to your clients is vital, with more statistics proving that email has become the best marketing solution available online. Although nowadays the email templates market is booming and we have so many templates to choose from, the tools meant to help fewer techie users come up with a masterpiece are pretty limited and buggy. Thankfully that is not the case with our new Big Bang Themes Drag and Drop Email Template Builder that was specially crafted to provide a wide range of email templates, modules, and editable features.

That is how I came up with the latest email for our clients who needed to know that our app had to undergo maintenance for 7 days. The task at hand was creating an email campaign which would announce our downtime, so it had to be short and have a punch since our clients really had to read this one and prepare for this ahead of time.

Choosing the perfect template and identifying the key sections.

I created the Under Construction Newsletter using the ShowOff – Stylish Multipurpose Email Template. I wanted to maximize the use of the drag and drop features, so I decided to clear out all the modules and start from scratch. For this, I identified that we needed a hero section, a content section, a button and a footer where we could include a disclaimer and a couple of contact links. I started by making some changes to the text so we can have a platform to build on. We decided to use a really cool illustration in the hero area and then spent some time making sure that we are handing relevant content to our clients, and that the copy is clear and well written.

The color pickers made is super easy to play around with a few colors and make sure that everything blended in well. I wanted to make sure that it matched the colors of our newly designed builder, and that it was enticing enough to make our clients wait for the unveiling eagerly. When the email was almost finished I made sure to use the preview feature to see how it looks on desktop and mobile. All of our email templates are responsive and look great on all email clients as well as all devices. Once everything looked perfect I finished by exporting it. Here’s how it turned out:

Desktop render of our drag and drop email template builder campaign

The key to a great email marketing campaign is responsiveness.

What was especially important to me was that it looks apart on mobile, since the majority of our subscribers use mobile. Thankfully the fact that I used Showoff didn’t leave much room for error since it looks so great on mobile devices, and this was one of the main reasons why I chose it to begin with.


Mobile render of an email campaign built with the our drag and drop email builder

The end result was a cool looking email and a lot of satisfied subscribers. Remember, emails can’t be taken back once you’ve pushed the send button, so if you release the campaign without checking everything three times over, in case there’s even a minor slip all of your subscribers will see it. Usually, this doesn’t turn out well, since everybody knows that a professional company wouldn’t compromise on quality, so it’s perhaps the most important step to make – check everything really carefully before you send the campaign. Head over to our profile page and browse through our work and try our drag and drop email template builder if you’re looking to get inspired!

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