At first glance, you might not see a direct relationship between email marketing and SEO, but believe me or not, the connection between these two will help boost your website rankings in a number of ways. If you’re thinking about alternative ways to help get ahead of your competitors, this so-called SEO email marketing trend you’ve been looking for.

According to Hubspot, 51% of users discover websites through email marketing while 80% of marketers that follow email marketing can easily refine their SEO strategy ( source: Content Marketing Institute Survey )

While emails alone can’t do much for your search engine rankings, smart marketers can use email campaigns to supercharge their SEO efforts. If you are not factoring email marketing into your SEO strategy, read on, we’ll reveal the secrets to how doing email marketing correctly can and will help you massively improve your SEO.

We’ll also look at advantages, as well as some pitfalls you should avoid.

Don’t looks at this article as one which generally speaks about SEO email marketing, but actually try to touch on all takeaway points and apply them to your own strategy.

Newsletter Content can be saved

We all know emails take time to compose. If you’re doing it expertly, than you must be sending out helpful and convenient content to your users. It’s quite shameful that this admirable newsletter content doesn’t “register” with Google or have any stable impact on your rankings, right?

Well, that’s all about to change.

Strong newsletter content can and should be rehashed and repurposed as blog content, and this can be done in a number of easy methods:

A new post for each

You can turn each of your newsletters into a stand-alone blog posts by just taking the content, inserting relevant links, and getting it live on your blog. This can prove to be a strong SEO-improving method by a number of ways. Firstly, your website will have that much more top quality content for search engines to index. Secondly, it provides a new springboard for your social media and new content to share there as well.

A new post every few emails

If your newsletters are not that large, or don’t provide enough unique quality content to deserve being turned into a stand alone blog, pair them together by threes or fours before you publish them as a post too.

This is a well balanced double-edged strategy because it allows non-subscriber web traffic to catch a glimpse into what you usually send to subscriber inboxes, thus potentially driving a better subscribe rate. Hubspot is doing this efficiently for a while now, providing a nice place for their readers to go back and revisit past email campaigns.

Doing Email Marketing correctly can and will improve your SEO

Make the most out of your email content

Quality over quantity!

You absolutely MUST apply this when dealing with email marketing. 1000 dedicated users are way better than a list of 10.000 strangers. If you have a good list of subscribers you should always work on keeping their engagement levels as high as possible. There’s no magic trick. Users will only visit your site if you’ll offer quality content.

The more users come on your website to read your content, the better your website will look for search engines. Don’t fall into the trap of sending your content to just about any email address though – that can get you in trouble quickly! Learn how to curate your list correctly to supercharge your email marketing. Keep in mind that you need to gather GDPR consent from your EU subscribers. Rather than just sending an excerpt of your most recent blog post with a link at the bottom to direct readers to the full article, you should create stand-alone content for your subscribers. If you are really serious about doing it right that is!

Sending out regular emails can improve your site’s overall traffic, which will be picked up by Google and massively boost the way your website ranks. This is doubly important in this case, because your traffic spikes would represent massive amounts of return visitors, which we all know Google has a soft spot for!

Strengthen the Social Signals

Most marketers are unaware of the fact that social signals are an absolutely vital part of SEO. Does it sound hard to inspire people to share your newsletters or content on their social accounts? This is where emailing a highly engaged list of subscribers will do absolute wonders.

A great resource is asking your subscribers to share your content instead of trying to get them on your website or trying to convince them they should buy something. This method is pretty simple but extremely effective. Most email marketing platforms / ESP’s let you add sharing icons to your newsletters easily enough.

Building a highly engaging email template is a very important step in the process. Don’t just throw whatever content you’ve built into a black-on-white formatted email, because it will just end up looking like spam or like a phishing email. Instead, manage your creative workflow and use a tool like our email builder to build a really beautifully crafted email. This won’t only improve your credibility, but your engagement rates as well.

Gather some Reviews

Do you know that you can gather reviews just by using your email marketing campaigns? Sending survey emails to your audience and asking for their feedback about your website will help improve your search engine standings.

For example, create an email list that only targets users who are already engaged with your brand. Build out a nice looking email, and motivate them to review your business. To achieve this successfully you can use a series of marketing methods like offering our a discount coupon to creating a Giveaway. We usually use a super neat tool called Rafflecopter.

To improve local search rankings for your business, get as many positive reviews in as possible. When customers review your business, they will probably write using the similar sort of words they use to search for your business in Google. This will provide you with links using valuable long-tail keywords coming straight from your customers. Since it’s very unlikely that any two clients will use the same exact keyword structure, this will also be an extremely organic method of building backlinks.

These reviews will also act as a testament that your business is healthy and is doing right by their clients. All things that Google bots love to see.

Include a Video

You must be wondering why including an animated video would help with SEO email marketing. This is a strange one, eh? First of all, let’s make it clear that no other marketing medium connects as quickly as video does. That being said, getting a spike of return visitors to your site frequently is great, but getting them to your site to watch a 7 minute video and spend that much more time on your site is absolutely amazing.

Videos in emails are likely to draw more engagement as they are more interesting and easier to follow than plain text is. Not to mention that videos come with the great hope of going viral. Do I need to cover how this would help your SEO…? Obviously NOT, but since more info is always good info, here’s a really cool case study the guys from Ahrefs put together about how going viral can have a massive impact on your SEO.

Back to why including videos in your emails is a good idea though. Another really great reason why doing this is that subscribers will be THAT much more likely to ge your content shared on social (see #Strengthen the Social Signals if it’s still not clear).

Just keep it clear, short and actionable.

Summing Up

This is it. The truth about the very close relationship that email marketing and SEO were trying to keep secret is finally out there. The steps to doing this successfully are as easy as they come, and they can prove as successful for your business as any other strategy you’ve ever tried. Just don’t forget to carefully pick your content and if it is good enough the rest will follow suit.

Email marketing comes up with never ending opportunities for you to grow your business. Set up your email campaign and start testing all of the above mentioned methods to enjoy the best results. It won’t work, but if you do manage to get it right it can prove to be a massive springboard for your business.

We hope this proves helpful for you guys. We would love to hear from you below if you think we might have missed anything or have any case studies to share with us.

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