Why making money through a beauty blog can be so easy.

In this article, we’ll cover the main things you want to do if you wonder how to create a beauty blog and start earning online.Fashion and Beauty have always been very hot topics and have attracted massive interest from the beginning of time. Whether you are a make-up artist, you’re passionate about cosmetics, or you simply like sharing reviews or thoughts about a product, brand or salon then this article is definitely for you.

1.Setting up your blog .

First, you need a domain and a hosting to get started. Look up for registrars in your country and choose a domain that is easy to remember and access. Something like howtomakeuglythingsnice[dot]com would obviously be a pretty bad choice. You want to start off with the right foot, so it would be a great idea to try and include your main keyword in the sentence. If for example you’re trying to sell a beauty blog WordPress theme, a good idea would be something like beauty-blog-templates[dot]com.

There are several platforms to host your blog on such as WordPress, Blogger, Blogspot. I would definitely recommend WordPress because it’s the most recognized one and it is very easy to set up and use (50% of all the websites are powered by WordPress). 
Moreover, if you still encounter problems on creating it and setting it up, finding help will be a breeze. There are lots of quality WordPress themes to choose from, and tons of top plugins to help you set-up things like subscribe widgets and so on.

2.Design is key!

We can’t really talk about how to create a beauty blog without a great design. Studies have shown that a good design increases users average time spent on a website massively.
 Luckily, there are a lot of templates out there that would make this thing easy for you. Our best advice would be to have a look at Wordie. It’s a versatile creative blog theme for WordPress, built by your favorite BigBangThemes team, very easy to use and it gives you endless possibilities to style the blog. You can use our great implementation of Visual Composer to set up the site in the smallest of details.

Wordie - beauty WordPress Blog


The online world has moved to mobile. According to the recent studies, 70% of the internet is used on mobile, so you should definitely keep that in mind when choosing your blog theme. Most of your readers will most likely never open your blog on the desktop.


Want to create a beauty blog but don’t know what to write about?
 Here are some suggestions:

  • Homemade beauty tips
  • Beauty product reviews
  • Makeup artistry.If you’ve got skills, you can show off your looks.
  • Swatches.Good swatches can be hard to find. Everybody loves dupes.
  • Budget beauty. You could focus on drugstore and affordable brands.
  • Nails. If you love nail polish and have a talent for nail art, you could make it your main focus.


The audience is the main thing about a blog. When writing an article you should keep in mind that people are different, and so are the tastes and things they look for. 
Be specific in your reviews, offer suggestions to different kinds of people according to their habits, occupation, and looks. This way you’ll keep more people on your blog if your posts address their needs.

The icing on the cake: Earning money.

This is, after all, the main reason why most are starting a blog in the first place. There are of course a lot of different ways you could earn with your blog. Some are more simple than others, and others are more rewarding.

The easiest thing you could do, and what most choose to do, is to place standard ads on your blog. Whether you choose Google Ads or some other ad publisher out there (there are others that pay better than Google by the way), this is by far the easiest method. Usually, it doesn’t require a review process for your site, it doesn’t need to be big, or pretty…(or even good)… You’re just expected to paste some ad codes on your site and you’re good to go.

A second option would be to choose the ads you’re displaying, and use a service like buysellads[dot]com where you’re given the opportunity to accept or refuse to place a certain ad on your site, and where you can choose the amount of money you would like to get for that. This is harder, and more rewarding because your blog needs to have good content, be good looking, and offer enough value for people to meet your money request. You also need to undergo a review process and prove that you have sufficient traffic. And you’ll be competing with some real marquee blogs for advertisers’ attention.

The hardest option by far, and also by far the most rewarding, would be to scout advertisers yourself. This is something much similar to affiliate marketing. Aim for big beauty product producers and ask them to basically become a sponsor for your blog. You have a series of options here. You can either be exclusive to one manufacturer and ask more from him in return or source out a few who offer different products. (looking for manufacturers who offer the same things is never a good idea, they’ll never get interested)

Have some opinions to share or some questions about this article? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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