Client support has long been one of the most important elements of e-commerce. After decades of perfecting the craft, some of the most successful e-commerce businesses have one single strong point at their core. Top notch client support. Obviously, the concept of an e-commerce business has grown beyond just selling clothes in the last decade, and has extended to selling services, software subscriptions and so on.

How does the WordPress platform come into play?

One of the most used website platforms for e-commerce sites is, of course, the popular CMS WordPress. It managed to bring so many users to it simply by the fact that it can accommodate such a huge array of needs. There are millions of different plugins and themes to choose from, and this is why it’s probably one of the most popular e-commerce platforms out there.

WordPress is also great for its ability to create what they call a “multisite”. This is where the support element comes in. There’s no reason to have a completely different client support service outside of your website and have to deal with mountains of email. You can incorporate everything within your own personal website.

TicketLab is a complete WordPress ticket system which allows you to provide your clients with everything they need. From a thorough knowledge base to live support and a seamless ticketing system, it offers everything.

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Here at BigBangThemes, we know all about how important privacy is for some businesses and certain clients. That’s why using TicketLab is easy to mark a ticket as private and make sure that it’s kept away from the eyes of other clients. On the other hand, a software service support provider, for example, would probably cherish having clients solve problems for one and other and even skim through older tickets for similar problems to theirs.

What are the best features TicketLab offers?

With over 7 years of experience in building and selling software products, we knew the ins and outs of what clients need when they buy a product online and need support. We managed to use this knowledge to build a real powerhouse of a WordPress support system.

TicketLab is the first ever theme that allows the creation of a knowledge base for your services and also build a complete ticketing system within your own website. This is never before seen in a commercially available WordPress theme. Your clients will be able to skim through the knowledge base and open support tickets in case they still need guidance.

One of the best features TicketLab comes with is that clients will be able to search both knowledge base as well as older tickets so that the two can complement each other and provide a faster solution for new clients as your ticketing base grows with time, given the fact that not every small thing can be covered in a knowledge base article.

Videos are also another great way to support your product and we put a lot of thought into this as well. Videos are as well included in search strings and can easily be backed up by text excerpts so that you can cover your basis even better.

One on one support is extremely easy for certain niches. For a medical practice or a financial institution for example, client data is confidential and sometimes even sensitive. In this case your clients will easily be able to mark tickets as private, or you can do this for them, or you can even choose for all tickets to permanently be private.

A word on bug fixing

WordPress ticket system

Bug fixing can sometimes be a bit more complicated than it needs to be. Services like Github thankfully make tasks much easier for developers. The problem here is that there’s usually still a broken link between client support and bug reporting. Most often than not support staff need to go through a series of pains in order to successfully report a bug. This can cause big problems and can even lead to bug fix requests being ignored altogether.

Thankfully our wordpress support system offers a very powerful bridge between client support and bug reporting. With the click of a button you can transform a whole ticket into a Github Issue or Trello Card. Asana and Slack configurations are just a few of the ones we have our mind set on for the future.

WordPress ticket system

Do I need any technical knowledge to use TicketLab?

Absolutely not! TicketLab is fully compatible with the Visual Composer. Your product features can be presented using our very easy to use shortcodes. They cover a great array of functionalities such as statistics, tables, changelogs, testimonials, features etc. The simplicity of our shortcodes will make your process of creating a great documentation for your template very simple. As a result, you will have a beautiful, organized knowledge base in no time.

Our WordPress support system presents a better option to some services that already exist for client support. You’ll be able to keep everything within your own website and thus engage your clients much better. No need for them to fill up contact forms anymore, or constantly ask how to get a faster answer to their ticket. We offer the perfect balance between owning a forum or providing support only via email.

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