Photography is a very common hobby.Whether you are a professional photographer or just enjoy capturing beautiful landscapes and moments, there is always this question rising:

How do we showcase our photos to other online readers or to our friends abroad?

You can choose a portfolio approach and present your photos or you can style a beautiful blog to maintain the audience.

What are the main reasons for a photography blog?

  1. A blog is a reflection of who you are as a photographer.
    Having a blog is a very effective way to build a connection with your readers.It gives you the opportunity to create a brand from scratch.This way users will get familiar with your shooting style and the shootings you’ve made so far. It also helps create a much better connection with your followers, since there is a story behind each image.
  2. The blog is more SEO worthy than portfolio websites.
    Portfolio websites tend to be too static and lose their power once we stop updating them.
    Blogs have frequent updates and a lot of tasty content. This will prove very useful in your attempt to grow your search rankings and engage with a broader audience/
  3. Design is everything
    In order to keep an audience, the design of your blog must be stunning.
    Creating and styling a photo blog is very easy. There are a lot of photography WordPress themes that would make things very easy for you. Just choose a layout and arrange it using different modules and widgets.
    We’ll make a short presentation of the BigBangThemes WordPress creative blog theme Wordie.

photography wordpress blog theme

Wordie – Ultimate modular photography wordpress theme

Wordie is an extremely powerful blog theme with plenty of well crafted page templates and post formats. It brings a lot of value to photographers using really beautiful image showcases and really bringing the focus on your extraordinary work. It comes with a stunning number of 37 possible blog layouts for true flexibility, and if you want to customize it even more you can always use the Visual Composer to do so. Using the composer the variations are virtually unlimited.

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