If the content is king, what is monetizing for your website? Much too easily dismissed as trust and experience damaging, yet so common on all successful blog, this controversial process is more and more a ‘must.’ Making money from your website while mixing your passion for blogging with the skills of an online marketer is no longer an unachievable goal. You now have so many different channels to combine that it’s almost a shame not to try at least a few of them. Think about monetizing as a helping hand for your audience to find useful content.

Optimized for mobile is now all or nothing

In 2017, people use their phones everywhere, for everything. All the surveys show that in the online environment, the audience is only capable of giving an-eight-second attention window to a new experience. This means that your website is going to be interesting only if you can provide an immersive user experience in a few seconds. Your content – text, images, videos or gif’s must be compelling, your website needs to be responsive, retina ready and well optimized for a high page loading speed. A highly optimized site with great content and spiced with some intelligent advertisements is the recipe for success. Does it seem like a hard and painstakingly slow task? Well, it shouldn’t!

Optimized website

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Get setup in minutes.
To build a profitable site, you have to think long term and keep a good balance between content and adverts, as user experience is the key here, not making money fast. You can get a good start by picking the right WordPress theme that can help your site grow. This first decision you need to take will influence the design and the monetizing options. For example, the ionMag Premium News WordPress theme is a template for blogs, editorial, and magazine websites, that includes an impressive ad system, which automatically resizes the advertisement, according to the screen device that’s being used. Google AdSense ready, it also lets you place adverts into various spots of the website like on pages, sidebar, and in the content of your posts. With this product, you solve more issues from a single strike. First, you’ll get an SEO optimized theme to rank higher in Google Search Result Page and gain more traffic. You never have to worry about coding, edits being very easy to make. And, most importantly, with over 15 standard and five custom spots, you can place the adverts almost everywhere on your website.

Make three new best friends.

I’m sure you have all seen websites that overwhelm you with tons of pop up windows, adverts all over the place, rainbow colors that make you dizzy like you’re in a carousel, spinning, and spinning. I personally exit this kind of websites in a heartbeat! Make no mistake: monetizing is much easier with a clean site, with relevant content and advertisements that roundup your revenue. Let me introduce you to my favorite tools from Google!

Google AdSense
Developed by Google, AdSense is an advertising app that displays custom AdWords advertisements on relevant websites. Google outputs a specific script you have to paste into your website, and you can be set up in a matter of seconds. Google actually gives you money to display other marketers’ ads. Getting ad clicks or impressions means that your website is producing revenue, and Google is paying a fair amount for this. If you haven’t heard about PPC (pay per click) Ads, AdSense is just that. One of the best things about it is that it’s always going to only serve ads that are highly suitable for the site content.

From my point of view, if you add an AdSense code, you provide more valuable content links to your audience, and you also get paid by Google. It may not be the best-paid form of PPC, but it’s the easiest to come across and to set up. While there are other solutions you can use for this, it’s going to require a bit more ground work to find them and set them up.

Google AdWords
The AdWords platform allows users to design adverts that will show up on relevant Google search results pages and on the Google Display Network. Advertisements through AdWords are used to generate traffic promoting your website or products.

When people want to buy something, they usually run a Google search, and if you’re running AdWords, you’re going to show up in their search results as a promoted listing. The platform has its very own list of tools you can mix and match to get better results, like a keyword analysis tool. It’s a system that allows you to bring more customers from all over the world to your site, and a great way to improve your brand awareness.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the last tool we need to look at. It’s an analysis software where you see all the traffic that leads to your website. From conversions, bids, CPC, time on site, to location, interests, and demographics, Analytics can help you figure out all you need to know about the human being behind the cookie.

AdWords, AdSense and Analytics, are the three giant applications Google offers that simplify the way you manage your website, starting with advertisements and statistic analysis. Each of them has a different code you can implement even on the same page of the site. Google provides valuable documentation, support, and helpful videos. As simple as creating a Gmail account, you can sign up for the three magnificent A’s that will indeed help you track the most relevant ways to monetize your website.

Generating income may be at the forefront of every web entrepreneur’s mind, but it’s important to build a stable platform that you can grow from. As we often say here at BigBangThemes there’s no way to build a sustainable long term solution without putting a lot of thought into the build process.

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