Drag&Drop Email Builder

Use our complete drag&drop tools to easily customize your next email template. Export the code and use it with any Email sending service to engage your clients and keep them happy.

The all in one
email template builder

Ask any email marketer and they will tell you that creating funky fantastic emails that are compatible with all email service providers is like chasing the Holy Grail. It doesn’t exist!

Until now that is... By creating a full service, major service provider compatible, drag and drop email builder, we think that our tool is the answer you have been looking for.

Customize layouts, update background images, change colours and create awesome call to action buttons all from within the dashboard via the item’s many modules and solve your email marketing problems now!

  • 01.

    Drag and drop builder

    Using a drag and drop builder has never been easier. Left click on any module and place it by dragging it over and releasing the mouse.
  • 02.

    Efficiently categorised

    Our builder comes with this super useful option allowing you to edit your template and save all your changes and new layouts for later use.
  • 03.

    Ready-made templates

    Now included with your purchase you have a series of ready-made templates you can choose from. This guarantees high conversion rates!
  • 04.

    Multiple export options

    You can export files in HTML, My Mail, Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp. You can also choose to optimize the code and export a minified version.
  • 05.

    Save all your changes

    Our builder comes with a super useful option that allows you to edit your template and save all your changes and new layouts for later use.
  • 06.

    Load your saved templates

    If you want to access your saved templates you can do that in the “Load” section of the specific newsletter you are trying to use.
  • 07.

    Preview your work

    We know it is crucial to be able to see the result of your work. That’s why the “Preview” options shows how your email looks on multiple devices.
  • 08.

    Your account

    The “My Account” section includes your purchases, the most trending items with plenty of details and the possibility to rate our work.
  • 09.

    Extensive documentation

    This section allows you to have access to all you need when it comes to documentation and details related to how to use our builder.

Fast. Complex.
Yet user friendly!

Our powerful drag&drop email builder comes with features which enable you to build and customize your very own asweome looking newsletter layouts in just seconds.


Extremely easy to use!

Our User Interface design is based on years of research and listening to our customers, reacting to what they want and digging deep into our customer support to understand what changes need to be made to create the best set of drag and drop email builder tools available.

Everything runs from our unique online set of tools so you never have to worry about storage or finding the latest file, just log in and everything you need is right there in one place. Simply export your layout in your preferred version type: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor or plain HTML.

Compatible with
major email service providers!

Are you a fan of the WordPress plugin Mailster that helps you create, send and track your newsletter campaigns?
So are we! That’s why our template is 100% compatible with it and with major email service providers!


Icon Generator

Now our brilliant Icon Generator is included with your purchase - the first of its kind! Easily create unique icons for your business and spice up your email marketing with super slick icons - simple!

  1. Click on the icon you want to change.
  2. Click on “Search Icon” from the options pannel.
  3. Browse through the icons and choose the one you like.
  4. Click on the color picker and choose the color you like.
  5. You can even add a link to your icon if you need to.
  6. Edit the height and width from the two boxes.
  7. Save your settings and wait for the magic to happen!

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Test It Now!

Thanks to groundbreaking innovations background images now work on all email clients.

Awesome item support!

All our items come with 6 months of included support. All you have to do is Contact Us either through the Contact Us section, Item Comments or through Themeforest so we can make sure we receive your questions and answer as soon as possible.