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  • How to download the layout I built

    To download an email template there are three options available: - export standard html code; - export the template for Campaign Monitor: this option will add

  • Templates

    In the 'Templates' tab you can find all premade templates and notifications that come with the email you bought. For some bigger email templates we've created more

  • Save / Load

    On the Save/Load tab you can save the changes made or load a new template. There are two ways to save your layouts: Work Offline Mode If you choose the work

  • Undo / Redo

    Undo / Redo buttons can help fixing some of  the last changes made to the template. Every change made to the template, will be countered on the Undo Button. Once

  • Preview

    Under the Preview tab you can see how the template looks on a PC, tablet or phone. Once you enter the Preview tab there are three small images with a PC, tablet and

  • Reset button

    The Reset Button, which can be found on the bottom right corner of the screen, will reset all the changes made to the

  • Clear all modules

    If you want to start building a new and personalised template you may want to clear all the modules that we provide and start from scratch. The 'Clear' button is

  • Drag & Drop Modules

    Under the 'Drag&Drop' tab are all the categories used in this template. When you click on a category you'll see all the modules that belongs in that category. To

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